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About National Discount Cruise Co.

As NDC Celebrates our 50th year in the cruise and travel industry, we not only feel a profound sense of accomplishment, but we are also reminded of how highly fortunate we have been in so many ways.

Over the last 50 years we have been witness to, and participated in, the phenomenal growth and popularity of cruising. I can't think of a more exciting industry in the world, and it's been a true honor to have gone along on this magical ride over the Seven Seas.

We are also gratified with the fantastic relationships we have developed with our industry partners; the cruise lines, tour operators, sales reps and agents, and all the hard working men and women who staff these grand floating palaces, and bring life-changing experiences and memories to millions of people. It's often said that travel is really just about people, and the cruise industry has the best people in the world.

Perhaps more importantly, however, are the connections we have enjoyed with our valued clients. There brings my staff and I no greater joy than when we hear from a satisfied customer whose cruise with NDC became the trip of a lifetime for them and their family. This is what motivates our hard working and professional staff, and the rest of the company to be the absolute best in everything we do. Thank you for trusting us with your valued business.

The future of cruising stands to be even better and more exciting, with exhilarating new trends in ships and destinations. We at NDC will continue to be with you every step of the way-alerting you to the latest trends, offering you informed and well researched suggestions, the absolute best pricing, and the friendliest and most knowledgeable service in the cruise and travel industry.

Together let's keep on cruising the high seas in style, luxury and fun!

Happy Cruising!
Elaine Lerner

Why National Discount Cruise Co?

NDC is a mainstay with the seasoned and novice cruise travelers alike. NDC knows that the choice vacation requires knowledge of each customer's personality and preferences. Our excellent cruise discounts save you money. Our experienced staff makes it happen!

In addition, our NDC staff is very knowledgeable about all luxury cruise lines and has extensive experience in servicing the luxury cruise client.

As one of the leading CRUISE DISCOUNTERS, NDC also enjoys a very strong relationship with all major cruise lines. Because of our volume, the cruise lines offer NDC additional discounts not available to other smaller agencies. These savings are passed on to our clients.

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